Why I Love…Tory Burch Ainsley Logo Clutch


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Ainsley Logo Clutch | Womens Clutches | ToryBurch.com.

I love this bag/clutch! It’s very versatile; it can be worn as a clutch during the evenings or causally by wearing it cross body; either way this is a must have in anyones purse collection. With two interior zip pockets its the perfect size to carry all of the necessities such as a cellphone, lipgloss, wallet and keys. Most importantly, leopard print is here to stay, therefore you’ll be using this bag for years to come.

Here are the details:

  • Printed crinkle patent leather.
  • Concealed magnetic closure.
  • Two interior zip pockets.
  • Gold logo hardware.
  • Canvas lining.
  • Chain and leather shoulder strap with 22″ drop.
  • 11 3/4″ W x 6 1/4″ H x 1″ D.

This is a great investment! Plus, this bag on sale now so grab yours now.


Feeling the Love


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I received a care-package from work today; the NYC division.

See, I’m currently working in Chicago however I am originally from NYC (born and raised!). I was transferred to Chicago in September on 2011.

I love when I receive stuff from them! It reminds me that I’m still part of the team and they are thinking about me.

I know these snacks aren’t the best choices for my new fitness regime but everything is okay with moderation, right?

Eyebrow Waxing Can Be Dangerous


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This past Saturday I treated myself to mani and eyebrow waxing.

Now, I’ve been to this salon before for a mani & pedi and they did a wonderful job. Something told me not to get my eyebrows waxed but I didn’t listen and got them done anyway.

The woman doing my eyebrows was nice enough to talk during the process not wanting to remove too much hair. Out of no where one her colleagues come over (mind you my eyes are closed and I now have two bodies hovered over me)  and takes over. She wax my brows in 2 seconds flat! When I finally get up to check the mirror, the second woman is gone and I am left with uneven shaped eyebrows and wound on my left eye!!!!!!! I brought these issues to the attention of  the woman and she tells me that my brows weren’t even to begin with (whatever!). So to avoid a nasty scene I paid and left. When I got home I noticed the wound on my eye 😦

Needless to say, I am livid! It’s going to take me at least 2 months to grow my brows back. In the meantime, I have to draw them on everytime I leave the house! I will not be going there to my brows done again. I’m going to start doing my own nails and eyebrows from now on; I just can’t risk these things anymore.

Here is photo of my wound:

Fitness Friday – Week 2


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Fitness Friday BannerMonday 1/23 – Dinner, home-made burger on a pita whole grain pita bread. 60 minutes on the treadmill 13 incline 3.6 – 4.0 avg speed 696 cals burned.

Tuesday 1/24 – Dinner, sushi – 42 minutes on the treadmill 13 incline, intervals of 3.0 – 4.0 speed 436 burned

Wednesday 1/25 – Dinner chicken breast a cup of white rice with green peas. NO WORKOUT.

Thursday 1/26 – Dinner, a bowl of cereal, 27 minutes of Kettlebell workout DVD, that 27 minutes kicked my butt!

Friday 1/27 – Not sure of the type of workout yet but I’ll be having a bowl of Special K for dinner.

Saturday & Sunday 1/28-1/29 – I’ll probably get on the treadmill.

Kettlebell workout:

My Husband Snores…


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and I am a light sleeper! He snores all the time and I just can’t fall asleep. Geez! I mean, what kind of human-bear is he?

This past Saturday I stared at him while he snored in an attempt to send him telepathic brain signals so he would stop making those blasted sounds – but that didn’t work! So at 6:45am I went to sleep on the couch. About 15 minutes later I guess he noticed I wasnt there, (weird, he can sense when I’m gone but not my telepathic messages!?!) found me and he said he’ll take the couch and I can have the bed to myself. (SWEET!) The next day I woke up at 2pm!?! I haven’t done that since my college days! Sadly, we missed church though, I was too exhausted to go.

I am going to have to invest in some real good ear plugs ASAP because I don’t see this getting better anything soon.



Fitness Friday – Week 1


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Fitness Friday Banner

My first Fitness Friday! I am sharing my workout and diet (dinner only) regime throughout the week. It’s my way of holding myself responsible for my workouts and eating healthy during the week.

Monday 1/16 – Sushi for dinner, no workout done.

Tuesday 1/17 – Big Grilled Chicken Salad for dinner, 60 minutes on the treadmill incline 10-14 + speed 3.0 – 3.9 = 985 cals burned!

Wednesday 1/18 – Whole wheat pasta with shrimp ( I cooked it, yea!), 60 minutes on the treadmill incline 12 + speed 3.0 -3.6 = 664 cals burned! So hungry after my workout had an orange post workout.

Thursday 1/19 – Baked cod, green peas with 1/2 cup of long grain white rice (I know I know! I’m Haitian and white rice is my weakness I’ll never give it up completely). Mr. husband cooked and it was great! Arm workouts with 15lbs Kettle bell, 30 push-ups. 60 minutes on the treadmill incline 13 + speed at 3.0 = 614 cals burned. I was done with my workout at 12:15am and boy was I exhausted.

Friday 1/20 – Ill be getting on the treadmill for an hour. Im not sure whats for dinner but Ill update as soon as I can.

Saturday and Sunday 1/21 & 1/22 – Kettle Bell Workouts for 30mins each day.

Not too bad for my first official week of fitness!

Drink More Water


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I’ve started drinking a lot more water again…yesterday :). I figure, this will help with my tummy bloat as well as other issues. I used to drink about one liter of water a day until I almost pee my pants on a NYC train last year. Yea, I know people pee in NYC trains/train stations all the time but that’s not my style!

So here are my list Pros & Cons to drinking 1+ liter of water a day.


  • Cleans the body by helping the digestive system work a little better ::wink wink::
  • Clears skin
  • Helps burn calories from all the walking to and from the bathroom I have to do every 8 minutes!
  • Curbs my appetite
  • Helps with my tummy bloat; my stomach is looking flatter already


  • Having to use the bathroom every 8 minutes!
  • Co-workers thinking  I – a.) have the runs, b.) am slacking at work c.) have a bladder problem d.)  am down right annoying walking passed their cube every few minutes

Well that’s my list, Pros clearly beats the Cons!

Need to Lose Weight


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I thought I could trick myself. I thought by doing daily 15-30 minute workouts would help me lose weight but that hasn’t worked. This has only helped maintain my current weight – which I am not happy with.

Long story short, I am not happy with the way I feel and I want to curse out the number on my scale. I cannot continue to “half-ass” my fitness & diet regime and expect amazing results. However, at the same time,  I don’t want to do crazy workouts for the rest of my life in order to look a certain way – it’s exhausting!!!!

I know that my age has something to do with it because the quick tricks that use to help me drop 2-3 lbs in a week just isn’t working anymore. Once I get to my goal weight then I can ease off the heavy workouts. SIGH! I hate this! But its something I have to do before it gets out of control.

So to help motivate and hold myself responsible, I will blog about my fitness and diet achievements & Failures every Friday on a Post I’ll call “Fitness Friday”. Once I’m back to my happy number (on the scale) I’ll stop. Hey! It’s the only way for me!

…. So Ill start night- for lunch Im having a Chiptole Chicken burrito with a Sprite to wash it down. DON’T JUDGE ME!

Nutella…My New Addiction.


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I discovered the yummy delicious spread last fall while having brunch with my cousin a restaurant in NYC. I ordered a belgium waffle with Nutella and a side of bacon; I was instantly hooked!

Of course, I’ve seen the commercials before but never thought of trying it. However, ever since that brunch I purchased a jar and have been having Nutella with Eggo’s for breafast…and sometimes dinner!! 🙂

It has a yummy chocolate taste that isn’t over powering. Its ingredients include hazelnuts, sugar, skim milk and a hint of cocoa. I hear its great with toast – I havent tried that yet but I’m sure it tastes great.

If you have toast, pancakes, waffles/Eggos for breakfast you should definitely pickup a jar! My husband finally tried my waffles with Nutella (with a little syrup) over the weekend and now he’s hooked too! He says “this can’t be good for you, it tastes too good!”, well its pretty healthy. I’m not too happy about sharing my Nutella – but that’s another post.

My breakfast; Eggo/waffles with Nutella, a little syrup with turkey bacon (when we have eggs in the house – scramble eggs). Yes, that’s 3 waffles don’t judge me!!!

for more information check out the Nutella official website.

This is NOT okay!


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My nails looking like this is just not okay with me but do I do anything about it? Nope.

I got a mani the day after Christmas and my nails started chipping that same week! I have nail polish remover, a boat load of nail polish and the time so why am I still walking around with my nails looking like a mess?

I am calling myself out! This is unacceptable! I can DIY a mani while watching my reality TV shows during the evenings. And even IF I don’t have the patience to add a cute color & wait for the paint to dry – I should at least have the self-respect to remove the chipping polish, go au-natural untill I have the time for a decent mani.


This is not a good way to start 2012! This is an extremely important year from me being that I turn the BIG 3-0! I need to instill better habits and represent MYSELF the way that I feel in the inside – outside.

Do you know how embarrassing it is to point out something to someone with these claws? Or holdon to a busy pole on the train with these paws?! SMH I am ashamed – this right here is NOT OKAY!

And look how cute my hands can be when their done.