About Me

Ever randomly find an old diary, read through it and think to yourself; what was I thinking?! Yea, me too! Well I love that feeling. I love looking back on my past, revisit the my emotions that once were, what have changed and what remain the same! The feeling is awesome and the memories are priceless.

This is what my blog is all about! Documenting my life, so when I’m 60 (…heck 35!) I can come back to this blog and pretty much laugh at myself…or pat myself on the back. I am sharing me!

Here’s a little bit of info you might need to know.

My Faith in God keeps me alive.

I’m from New York City, born and raised however I recently moved to the Midwest for love and work!

I do not know how to drive – oh, and I live in the Midwest!! How am I going to survive out here?!?

I’m recently happily married (yay, I love my husband)! Boy, our wedding story is one for the books but that’s an entirely different post.

I love animals but have no pets….YET!

Purple is my favorite color.

Reality TV is kinda my drug but not really cause I don’t do drugs.

I’m a dreamer in a realistic way

I don’t drink but I order wine with dinner so I can feel fancy; I never finish the glass….ever!.

I LOVE my parents! They are just amazing!!

My friends are pretty cool too.

Fashion is not my passion but I REALLY enjoy it.

I secretly want to be female body builder AND a ninja-ballerina but much to lazy for all that.

…Yea so, thats me pretty much!


What do you think?

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