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Praise God!

Yes, we are pregnant! I am just starting my 5th month (we’ve known for sometime now) but I’ve decided to start blogging again lol, same idea as last year.

I’ve been blessed with an ‘easy’ pregnancy thus far. No morning sickness or anything like that. Now, well into the second trimester, I have energy and feeling GREAT! I believe this journey at this time in my life is such a blessing. I cannot describe my happiness, I am just so flippin’ happy and so is my husband. He’s really excited as well.

I love being pregnant. My body is going through changes and I welcome it. If these changes are needed for our little Bean to grow healthy and happy then so be it. I am this baby’s vessel therefore I need to make sure it’s a safe, happy and healthy one. Finally(!) I have a bump and I’m just in awe. That’s my Beans home – its little cave! Another cool feature (lol) that just started a week ago is movement. I feel the baby moving through out the day which is cool, it has a schedule already!

Right now it feels like a slow-moving eel swimming in my uterus. And other times its like a slow-moving bubble moving around in my uterus. Its freaky and cool both at the same time.

Everything, everyday is just so exciting. I just thank God for this blessing and allowing my husband and I to experience this. It just….amazing.

Heres a recent photo of me and Beans: