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Yes, I’ve been married for almost 8 months. Yes, I realize the man who leaves his shoes in the livingroom is in fact my husband. However, I don’t think I’ve ever thought or saw myself as wife until the other day.

See, I was working from home and my husband went to work. It was a fairly quiet day at work, so much so, I had time to jump on the treadmill during my lunch break! So 4pm (central time) rolls around and I’m on the couch, in front of the TV, laptop on my lap while I answer a couple of emails. The husband comes home tried and dirty looking (he’s a welder!). He greets me, sets the mail on the table and heads straight for kitchen. He then says it! IT! The IT that made me realize that IM A WIFE. After he noticed nothing was cooked, it turns to me with his hungry disappointed eyes and says “You didnt cook dinner? I’m so hungry”.

Now normally, I would say “Uh, no, why don’t you cook!” or ” Um, no I’m tired and my commute was too long!” But I really had no excuse! I had the time to cook dinner but I didn’t 😦 As his wife, I should care that he’ll come home exhausted and hungry – therefore, because I had the time, dinner should have been done. So while he showered I quickly cooked some shrimp and things which he inhaled!

So, yesterday – I was home again so I made dinner ahead of time. I made his favorite – white rice and chilli. The minute he walked into the apartment, he said “thank you”. I responded “for what”, he said for cooking chilli, I can smell it! (smart man huh?). He loooooved the chilli! He even gave me a high-five after he was done eating!! lol

Whats for dinner today?! Leftovers!!! LOL Yea, I’m his wife…doesnt mean I’ll be cooking everyday for the rest of my life!