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And I’m starting to get the shakes!


See, I’m what one would call a “celeb gossip addict”. I have a handful of blogs I visit daily (multiple times a day), I have some I visit weekly and others bi-weekly. Guess you can call it hobby.

After failing my first choice of watching just one hour of TV a day, I decided to switch it up and give up the celebrity blogs for lent. Now I have to admit, on my FB page I’ve “liked” a handful of the blogs I follow so I’ve seen the recent headlines but I havent clicked on any of them for juicy details.

Yesterday, was a good day! My mind was free of all the crazy/useless drama that has absolutely nothing to do with my life. However, today I am tempted to sneak a peek at one of my go-to blog sites’ but I’m stronger and WILL NOT CAVE! This is a personal challenge for me, sure it can be called a ‘fast’ but I don’t feel like it’s the whole truth.

My husband recently congratulated me for staying off the stuff (a.k.a celeb blogs) for this long and that felt good! I want to accomplished this, to prove to myself that 1. I am NOT an addicted and 2. I can find other things to occupy my free time, something that doesn’t involve the drama of random rich strangers…no matter how juicy it is!

I’m sure when this is all over I’ll glue myself to my couch and spend an entire weekend catching up on what I’ve missed. But for right now,  I’m doing okay (minus a couple of temptations here and there). I promise, I will not relaspe…I can do this!