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Fitness Friday BannerI know I missed last week’s FF however I did work out each weekday doing what I like to call my “DIY Kettle bell Workouts”. I’ve printed out sheets of different kettle bell moves that I found on different fitness website. I normally do them at home for about 15 –  30 mins when I don’t feel like doing a fitness video or the treadmill.



One of my problem areas are my legs, so I’ve been doing different kinds of squats, swings and lunges with my 15″ bell and I must say I am seeing a difference!

With this being week 4 of FF the scale hasn’t been moving…at all! I maybe lost one pound! SHEESH! But I’ve finally figured out what works me (yea, took me longer enough huh?). It’s not the amount of time I spend on the treadmill or how many times a week I exercise – when it comes to dropping pounds it’s all about my DIET!

The fact is my metabolism is slowing down fast! A little too fast for my liking! Therefore, I need to cut down on my carb and sugar intake POINT. BLANK. EXCLAIMATION MARK. It’s the only way for me. For example, this week alone Ive eating brown rice (which I absolutely HATE!!!) instead of my beloved white long grain rice. I’ve cut down on my sugar intake, specifically chocolate and I am happy to report that the scale FINALLY MOVED!!! Well, it moved in a good way 🙂

The main factor that’s going to help me meet my fitness goals will be self-control. Right now, I am motivated to keep this going. Yes, its hard but if it were easy everyone would be a size 4 with 6 pack abs, right?

Monday – Dinner brown rice with spinach, 30 mins on Treadmill with 30 mins of my “DIY Kettle bell Workout”

Tuesday – Dinner brown rice, red beans with grilled chicken breast and broccoli, 30 mins of Kettle bell DVD – Legs and Thighs.

Wednesday – Dinner brown rice with spinach – “DIY Kettle bell Workout”

Thursday – Dinner brown rice, grilled chicken, beans and broccoli as a snack I have a  90 cal Special K bar- 40 mins on the treadmill

Ive been the brown rice monster this week! (I’m only eat a very small serving of rice.)