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This past Saturday I treated myself to mani and eyebrow waxing.

Now, I’ve been to this salon before for a mani & pedi and they did a wonderful job. Something told me not to get my eyebrows waxed but I didn’t listen and got them done anyway.

The woman doing my eyebrows was nice enough to talk during the process not wanting to remove too much hair. Out of no where one her colleagues come over (mind you my eyes are closed and I now have two bodies hovered over me)  and takes over. She wax my brows in 2 seconds flat! When I finally get up to check the mirror, the second woman is gone and I am left with uneven shaped eyebrows and wound on my left eye!!!!!!! I brought these issues to the attention of  the woman and she tells me that my brows weren’t even to begin with (whatever!). So to avoid a nasty scene I paid and left. When I got home I noticed the wound on my eye 😦

Needless to say, I am livid! It’s going to take me at least 2 months to grow my brows back. In the meantime, I have to draw them on everytime I leave the house! I will not be going there to my brows done again. I’m going to start doing my own nails and eyebrows from now on; I just can’t risk these things anymore.

Here is photo of my wound: