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and I am a light sleeper! He snores all the time and I just can’t fall asleep. Geez! I mean, what kind of human-bear is he?

This past Saturday I stared at him while he snored in an attempt to send him telepathic brain signals so he would stop making those blasted sounds – but that didn’t work! So at 6:45am I went to sleep on the couch. About 15 minutes later I guess he noticed I wasnt there, (weird, he can sense when I’m gone but not my telepathic messages!?!) found me and he said he’ll take the couch and I can have the bed to myself. (SWEET!) The next day I woke up at 2pm!?! I haven’t done that since my college days! Sadly, we missed church though, I was too exhausted to go.

I am going to have to invest in some real good ear plugs ASAP because I don’t see this getting better anything soon.