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I’ve started drinking a lot more water again…yesterday :). I figure, this will help with my tummy bloat as well as other issues. I used to drink about one liter of water a day until I almost pee my pants on a NYC train last year. Yea, I know people pee in NYC trains/train stations all the time but that’s not my style!

So here are my list Pros & Cons to drinking 1+ liter of water a day.


  • Cleans the body by helping the digestive system work a little better ::wink wink::
  • Clears skin
  • Helps burn calories from all the walking to and from the bathroom I have to do every 8 minutes!
  • Curbs my appetite
  • Helps with my tummy bloat; my stomach is looking flatter already


  • Having to use the bathroom every 8 minutes!
  • Co-workers thinking  I – a.) have the runs, b.) am slacking at work c.) have a bladder problem d.)  am down right annoying walking passed their cube every few minutes

Well that’s my list, Pros clearly beats the Cons!