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I discovered the yummy delicious spread last fall while having brunch with my cousin a restaurant in NYC. I ordered a belgium waffle with Nutella and a side of bacon; I was instantly hooked!

Of course, I’ve seen the commercials before but never thought of trying it. However, ever since that brunch I purchased a jar and have been having Nutella with Eggo’s for breafast…and sometimes dinner!! 🙂

It has a yummy chocolate taste that isn’t over powering. Its ingredients include hazelnuts, sugar, skim milk and a hint of cocoa. I hear its great with toast – I havent tried that yet but I’m sure it tastes great.

If you have toast, pancakes, waffles/Eggos for breakfast you should definitely pickup a jar! My husband finally tried my waffles with Nutella (with a little syrup) over the weekend and now he’s hooked too! He says “this can’t be good for you, it tastes too good!”, well its pretty healthy. I’m not too happy about sharing my Nutella – but that’s another post.

My breakfast; Eggo/waffles with Nutella, a little syrup with turkey bacon (when we have eggs in the house – scramble eggs). Yes, that’s 3 waffles don’t judge me!!!

for more information check out the Nutella official website.