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As the world knows by now, Beyoncé and Jay-Z welcomed their healthy baby girl, Blue Ivy Carter, to the world on 1/7/12. This is exciting news for the happy couple of course, however, on celebrity blogs all over the internet are hateful and angry words! I cannot understand how the birth of any innocent child can cause people to be so angry and hateful! Sure, baby Blue’s parents have millions of more dollars than the average but that’s pretty much the only thing that differentiates them from the average Jo. I don’t get it!

Okay, so you dislike the name “Blue” and would never name your own child after a color – that’s fine! Why are you mad?! This childs name does not affect your life in any way. Now the rumors have been shot down – the Carters did NOT rent out an entire floor that of the hospital( this has been confirmed by the Hospital representative). BUT you still want to believe they did? How can a down-right lie make you mad?

Jay-Z, longing to be a dad – THE dad he never really had, over-joyed by the arrival of his first born releases a touching song sharing intimate feelings and situations (example, Beyonce suffering from a miscarriage)….and that makes you angry!? WHY ARE YOU REALLY MAD?! Lets discuss the true root of your anger.


That’s it, plain and simple. There is no way that amount of HATE can come from a loving heart. I am a firm believer that what you give is what you get. Therefore, if everything you say is negative then your life will be filled with negative things which then makes you mad. That then turns to hate. And that hate is directed to everything and everyone you wish you had/were. ESPECIALLY if its directed to someone you’ve never met or know personally. <- That’s how an internet bully is born.

It’s a sad cycle and I pray all those who find themselves in it would break free. Saying negative things about a person life doesn’t make your pathetic situation any better. Stating “Blue” is an ugly name doesn’t make your name better; same as calling someone fat doesn’t make you skinnier! So redirect all that hate into something positive. Focus on being the best and happiest “YOU”!! Take it one day at time with baby steps.

For 2012 I pray for a more positive Blog World!

Count your blessings and smile 🙂