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kate spade | fabric purses – call to action terry.

The Errand BagThis bag is speaking to me; Eat Cake for Breakfast; Don’t mind if I do!

Of course I’m starting a new healthy life-style regime for the new year (how original!). So, I am living vicariously through this bag (yum – coffee cake for breakfast used to be my drug back in 2011) and let’s not bypass how its super cute!

This tote is daring us all diet-crazed women to do something different! Break out of the box and be crazy (with moderation of course!)! It may seem like a small task but when you have two months to fit into your sexy LBD, eating cake for breakfast IS NOT AN OPTION! 🙂


The colors are perfect for the warmer months but also appropriate for winter. It’s a chic canvas bag that will be a staple in your closet years after you’ve reach your goal weight. I mean, you can wear this to airport while traveling- its large enough to hold all of your traveling essentials such as your makeup pouch, wallet, sunglasses, passport, bottled water, Ipad and puppy!! Awesome during the weekend when on the run completing your ever-so-growing To-Do list, this bag will remind you to take it easy and eat cake!

Hey, I think Kate Spade has something great here. Next time you come across a friend who is stressing out over something pity turn to her and say “It’s not that serious, you really need to chill and eat cake for breakfast!”. I love it! This bag wants us to chill out, have fun and eat cake…for breakfast!

It’s all yours for $248 with free shipping!