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I thought one of the perks of having your child be at home with you is that they’re not exposed to a lot of germs. Well, why is it that it seems like Liam is always sick?! It’s winter, so we leave the house once maybe twice a week – where are these fricken germs coming from? Last month was a cold with a horrible cough, now this month it’s strep throat. Strep throat! Oh & it’s not strep with a sore throat (Thank God) it’s a horrible itchy rash all over his body; sand paper like. He’s miserable. I feel as if I’m doing something wrong, why can’t he healthy for months at a time? I know kids gets sick but c’mon, this is too much for me. Thanks for listening.


I’m back!


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Liam & Me

So it’s been two years. Here’s a quick update – I gave birth to an incredible baby boy named Liam who will be two years old this June. I am now a stay at home mom and currently expecting a baby girl in May!

I have so much to blog about. I’m home all day with a toddler, though he’s very cute and entertaining there are some things mommy cannot talk to with her 19 month old son.

So here I am…. Again!!

Research, Research, RESEARCH!


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I am going research crazy and I haven’t really started yet.

Preparing for baby entails so much research. As parents, of course we want to be sure everything our child(ren) interacts with is 100% safe and this is where research is imperitive.

Husband and I completed on of our registries last week w/o doing REAL research/investigating on any products so I was a little overwhelmed. There were many items I had to skip because as I told the lovely woman helping us “I have to research that’. From bottles, pacifiers, diapers, lotions, baby food machines, sheets to breast pumps I have to research them all!

There are just so many options out there, too many if you ask me.

Ive actually had to go back and edit my registry. I recently learned The arms reach crib we registered for will not work with our bed. I found that out after reading numerous reviews on the product.

Next stop baby bottles.


It’s a lot of work but it must be done right?

So, We’re Having a Baby!


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Praise God!

Yes, we are pregnant! I am just starting my 5th month (we’ve known for sometime now) but I’ve decided to start blogging again lol, same idea as last year.

I’ve been blessed with an ‘easy’ pregnancy thus far. No morning sickness or anything like that. Now, well into the second trimester, I have energy and feeling GREAT! I believe this journey at this time in my life is such a blessing. I cannot describe my happiness, I am just so flippin’ happy and so is my husband. He’s really excited as well.

I love being pregnant. My body is going through changes and I welcome it. If these changes are needed for our little Bean to grow healthy and happy then so be it. I am this baby’s vessel therefore I need to make sure it’s a safe, happy and healthy one. Finally(!) I have a bump and I’m just in awe. That’s my Beans home – its little cave! Another cool feature (lol) that just started a week ago is movement. I feel the baby moving through out the day which is cool, it has a schedule already!

Right now it feels like a slow-moving eel swimming in my uterus. And other times its like a slow-moving bubble moving around in my uterus. Its freaky and cool both at the same time.

Everything, everyday is just so exciting. I just thank God for this blessing and allowing my husband and I to experience this. It just….amazing.

Heres a recent photo of me and Beans:


Why I love… My Prada ‘Baroque’ Cat’s Eye Sunglasses


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I recently purchased these beauties while on vacation in Vegas ( as a birthday gift to myself)and I am in love! I’ve never spent so much on sunnies before but for some reason I just HAD to have them. They are one of kind, so chic and fun with the cat-eye shape. I know these will be my go-to shades for a very long time; I wear them every chance I get!

Here are some pics of me with them on!

The Day I Realized I Was Someones Wife


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Yes, I’ve been married for almost 8 months. Yes, I realize the man who leaves his shoes in the livingroom is in fact my husband. However, I don’t think I’ve ever thought or saw myself as wife until the other day.

See, I was working from home and my husband went to work. It was a fairly quiet day at work, so much so, I had time to jump on the treadmill during my lunch break! So 4pm (central time) rolls around and I’m on the couch, in front of the TV, laptop on my lap while I answer a couple of emails. The husband comes home tried and dirty looking (he’s a welder!). He greets me, sets the mail on the table and heads straight for kitchen. He then says it! IT! The IT that made me realize that IM A WIFE. After he noticed nothing was cooked, it turns to me with his hungry disappointed eyes and says “You didnt cook dinner? I’m so hungry”.

Now normally, I would say “Uh, no, why don’t you cook!” or ” Um, no I’m tired and my commute was too long!” But I really had no excuse! I had the time to cook dinner but I didn’t 😦 As his wife, I should care that he’ll come home exhausted and hungry – therefore, because I had the time, dinner should have been done. So while he showered I quickly cooked some shrimp and things which he inhaled!

So, yesterday – I was home again so I made dinner ahead of time. I made his favorite – white rice and chilli. The minute he walked into the apartment, he said “thank you”. I responded “for what”, he said for cooking chilli, I can smell it! (smart man huh?). He loooooved the chilli! He even gave me a high-five after he was done eating!! lol

Whats for dinner today?! Leftovers!!! LOL Yea, I’m his wife…doesnt mean I’ll be cooking everyday for the rest of my life!

I Gave Up Celebrity Gossip Blogs For Lent.


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And I’m starting to get the shakes!


See, I’m what one would call a “celeb gossip addict”. I have a handful of blogs I visit daily (multiple times a day), I have some I visit weekly and others bi-weekly. Guess you can call it hobby.

After failing my first choice of watching just one hour of TV a day, I decided to switch it up and give up the celebrity blogs for lent. Now I have to admit, on my FB page I’ve “liked” a handful of the blogs I follow so I’ve seen the recent headlines but I havent clicked on any of them for juicy details.

Yesterday, was a good day! My mind was free of all the crazy/useless drama that has absolutely nothing to do with my life. However, today I am tempted to sneak a peek at one of my go-to blog sites’ but I’m stronger and WILL NOT CAVE! This is a personal challenge for me, sure it can be called a ‘fast’ but I don’t feel like it’s the whole truth.

My husband recently congratulated me for staying off the stuff (a.k.a celeb blogs) for this long and that felt good! I want to accomplished this, to prove to myself that 1. I am NOT an addicted and 2. I can find other things to occupy my free time, something that doesn’t involve the drama of random rich strangers…no matter how juicy it is!

I’m sure when this is all over I’ll glue myself to my couch and spend an entire weekend catching up on what I’ve missed. But for right now,  I’m doing okay (minus a couple of temptations here and there). I promise, I will not relaspe…I can do this!

My Review of MARC BY MARC JACOBS ‘Dreamy Logo – Lil Elettra’ Bag


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MARC BY MARC JACOBS ‘Dreamy Logo – Lil Elettra’ Bag

  • Dimensions: 12 1/2″W x 10 1/2″H x 6″D. (Measures medium.)
  • Strap drop: 6″ – 8″.

This is my MBMJ Dreamy Logo Lil Elettra bag in navy.  I purchased this bag last November and started to wear it sometime in December.

I love the leather, its feels very durable yet soft. The lettering on the outside isn’t overwhelming/flashy, someone will have to look very hard to see the wording. The lining is true to the MBMJ style – blue, yellow, cream and red colors with an inner zipper pocket and two side pockets to hold your cell phone & keys. The outside zipper, though tough at times, is very durable and sturdy. Overall size is cute; its round with a flat bottom which helps it sit straight.

Now, though I love this bag to pieces…it’s a little troublesome for everyday use. For example, I have a travel wallet which holds my checkbook so its pretty long, well every time I try to stuff my wallet in the purse it gets caught on the two side pockets! GRRR!! That is so annoying! The mouth of the bag isn’t large enough for me. Another annoyance is I cant find anything in this bag. This is true with 98% of my handbags but this is just worst for some reason. Because the mouth of this bag is a bit small searching for my items are just a chore!

Lastly, the strap is a bit short. Sure you can adjust it a little bit;  I just would not recommend using this bag during the winter if you have a puffer coat on. It wont stay put, I constantly have to slide it back up my arm when walking. With less layers on the shoulder during warms months I’m sure it will stay put :).

I’m going to switch this bag for trusty leather coach bag untill the warm weather rolls around. I think I’ll love it more than when it’s not sliding down my arm. Overall, it’s a great investment, it has a timeless look and the leather will last for years to come (if you take care of it of course).

Unfortunately, its sold out in stored but you can always find it on eBay!

Love LOVE!


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My Valentine’s day was simply amazing.

Mr. Husband came home early from work and surprised me with a mani/Pedi appointment.

When I returned home from my appointment I greeted by THIS!

(notice the SUSHI lunch! & Chocolate cake! YUM! He knows me well)

After I wrapped up work at home, we later went out to dinner to a local Italian restaurant.

The day was simply perfect, he truly made me feel like a princess.

This is one Valentine’s day I will never forget.

I’m one lucky lady.

Fitness Friday Week 4


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Fitness Friday BannerI know I missed last week’s FF however I did work out each weekday doing what I like to call my “DIY Kettle bell Workouts”. I’ve printed out sheets of different kettle bell moves that I found on different fitness website. I normally do them at home for about 15 –  30 mins when I don’t feel like doing a fitness video or the treadmill.



One of my problem areas are my legs, so I’ve been doing different kinds of squats, swings and lunges with my 15″ bell and I must say I am seeing a difference!

With this being week 4 of FF the scale hasn’t been moving…at all! I maybe lost one pound! SHEESH! But I’ve finally figured out what works me (yea, took me longer enough huh?). It’s not the amount of time I spend on the treadmill or how many times a week I exercise – when it comes to dropping pounds it’s all about my DIET!

The fact is my metabolism is slowing down fast! A little too fast for my liking! Therefore, I need to cut down on my carb and sugar intake POINT. BLANK. EXCLAIMATION MARK. It’s the only way for me. For example, this week alone Ive eating brown rice (which I absolutely HATE!!!) instead of my beloved white long grain rice. I’ve cut down on my sugar intake, specifically chocolate and I am happy to report that the scale FINALLY MOVED!!! Well, it moved in a good way 🙂

The main factor that’s going to help me meet my fitness goals will be self-control. Right now, I am motivated to keep this going. Yes, its hard but if it were easy everyone would be a size 4 with 6 pack abs, right?

Monday – Dinner brown rice with spinach, 30 mins on Treadmill with 30 mins of my “DIY Kettle bell Workout”

Tuesday – Dinner brown rice, red beans with grilled chicken breast and broccoli, 30 mins of Kettle bell DVD – Legs and Thighs.

Wednesday – Dinner brown rice with spinach – “DIY Kettle bell Workout”

Thursday – Dinner brown rice, grilled chicken, beans and broccoli as a snack I have a  90 cal Special K bar- 40 mins on the treadmill

Ive been the brown rice monster this week! (I’m only eat a very small serving of rice.)